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We aim to uplift and inspire a community of like-minded men from around the globe to connect with their bodies, move into their hearts and more fully express truth within their lives.
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Men all over the world are awakening to a feeling of stepping into a more conscious brotherhood. As we do so, there is a need for support and connection with one another. We stand for the nourishment and support of the conscious brotherhood of the awakening man. Setting aside intentional time for practice in the support of community helps us uncover and explore various techniques and tools that support and align with the wisdom of our hearts. We believe we are all unique and that in sharing our truth in community we discover the freedom of expressing our whole selves both strong and vulnerable. We believe in supporting the expression of truth and stepping outside of our comfort zones to experience ourselves without judgement or limiting beliefs of how we can or have been allowed to be as men. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity and invite all individuals who identify as men to explore the various expressions of brotherhood and give ourselves and each other permission to shed the belief that to be a man means to exist in one way.


We aim to uplift and inspire a community of like-minded men from around the globe to connect with their bodies, move into their hearts and more fully express truth within their lives.


An ongoing, sustainable and supportive system of gatherings all over the globe that provide men the opportunity to make their vacations adventurous and meaningful explorations of this beautiful planet with the intention to provide space for inner explorations that offer peace and understanding.


We believe that movement is a crucial element of self-actualization. We incorporate various forms of movement from Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Functional Movement and Self-Massage to create a well-rounded and inclusives space for self-discovery.


We teach Vinyasa Yoga and Strength Training with a focus on mindful engagement to enhance functional performance and daily active life.


We teach Yoga Therapeutics and Functional Movement to enhance anatomical understandings of the body and how to enhance well-being and reduce stress/tension in the mind and body.


We teach Restorative Yoga, Therapeutic Self Massage, and Yoga Nidra to help move inward and discover the depth of awareness that creates a framework for the practices on Sankalpa, Meditation and Mindfulness.


We’ve all got to start somewhere. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, or just stepping onto the path, we believe in starting where you are and we will meet you there.  On our retreats we welcome guys from various backgrounds and experience levels to practice together and learn about their bodies, their limitations and safely move within a practice that serves them and their individual needs.



Adam Bolton leads classes designed to quiet the mind and inspire the body through music, movement, and breath. His goal is to provide a supportive and inclusive space—safe for students to awaken the body’s vitality, and to release stress patterns. To develop an intelligent, and satisfying yoga practice, Adam integrates conscious alignment and proper breathing techniques into engaging and challenging sequences. To support the constant evolution of realizing your potential, Adam’s classes are an opportunity to clear the slate—physically and emotionally to make space for the connection to spirit.


Andrew Bathory is a creative and curious Yoga, Movement and Voice teacher based in Montreal. Co-founder of Element Yoga Montreal, he is well known for his playful, warm and engaging approach to a mindful yoga practice that integrates restorative-based practices as well as the applications of yoga therapeutics. With a background in dance, gymnastics and movement training, Andrew incorporates various forms of movement in his practice both on and off the mat. His classes are delivered with timely pacing, attention to detail, and an artful blend of movement and stillness that ground students in breath and body. It is with this approach that he is able to bring his students a sense of depth, care and vitality.


Antonio Lennert is a movement practitioner with a background in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, Ginástica Natural and yoga. Co-founder of Surf the Greats, he is known for his Surf and SUP Safaris on the Great Lakes and beyond. His movement classes are designed to condition the body for sports that require explosive power, cardiovascular fitness, strength and focus. Antonio’s goal as a mind and body worker is to create a safe space for people to explore themselves while connecting deeply with their natural environments. He believes in meaningful energy exchanges to support individual growth while cultivating practices of positivity and kindness in the world.


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A meeting place for men of all walks of life to practice and connect more fully to their truth in the support of a mindful community.

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