Men's Retreats | The Emergence of Men’s Retreats
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Men's Retreats Heart Listening

The Emergence of Men’s Retreats

We feel a movement happening. Within ourselves, within each other.  Men all over the world are awakening to a feeling of stepping into a more conscious brotherhood.  As we do so, there is a need for support and connection with one another. There is much to be gained by creating a meeting ground for us to join together to support this shift in community.  To help one another uncover and commit to various techniques and tools that foster conscious living. We all have unique histories that have led us toward the discovery of a common calling (goal): to live a meaningful, engaging, and purposeful life. In hearing this call we recognize that though we walk our individuals paths,  we have more in common than different and that in sharing the journey we discover the richness of life.  Men’s Retreats is an answer to that call:  To create a meeting ground for us all to show up to with our unique gifts and practices, techniques and tools that help us uncover, honour and align us to the wisdom of our hearts.  To give ourselves and each other both space and time to tap into the insight required to nourish moving forward in life with awakened integrity. (We aim to hold ourselves accountable as awakened, loving men.)




We believe we are all unique and that in sharing our truth in community we discover the freedom of expressing our whole selves both strong and vulnerable. We believe in supporting the expression of truth and stepping outside of our comfort zones to experience ourselves without judgement or limiting beliefs of how we can or have been allowed to be as men. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity and invite all individuals who identify as men to explore the various expressions of brotherhood and give ourselves and each other permission to shed the belief that to be a man means to exist in one way.




Inhabiting our bodies and accepting our minds with kind and tender observation, to give rise to what feels stuck, hurt, confused, and disconnected – and to hold that part of ourselves with kindness and compassion. We believe in clear communication and deep listening. Through our practice on retreat, we hold space for the kind of deep listening that reconnects us with our innate wisdom to know and feel what is asking for more attention and understanding while cultivating the discernment to know what to let go of.



Nature is medicine and that the more we can give ourselves back to nature, the more we will grow. We believe in the need for re-integration with our natural environment. To shift our landscape of connection away from one ruled by technology and devices toward one that honours the need to return to human connection and the nature that surrounds us.   

We believe that through aligning our minds and our bodies, we connect more fully to our true selves.  We trust that the vibrancy of life is found in the space between action and stillness that awakens a deepening sense of honour for the present moment. We live for community, support, adventure, and play.

Being on retreat is a way to wake up the intuition, a way to tune into the divine intelligence present in every moment.  A time, the place, and a safe space to systematically reconnect to the body through movement,  breath awareness, self massage, and spending time bearing witness to the mind,  to open more freely to seeing the roots  of our complexities without the confines of conditioned fear and limiting judgement.

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